Transforming the fabric of communities across Minnesota

ILT Studios was designed to be the first startup studio to create, find and fuel innovation and entrepreneurship by focusing on supporting underestimated innovators and startup entrepreneurs in underserved markets and geographies.

What We Do

We are building up the next generation of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs and providing communities a new model to increase their capacity to innovate and create new engines of growth through startup entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

To transform people, industry and the communities we serve by increasing their innovation capacity, entrepreneurial capabilities and develop a new model for sustainable startup ecosystems.

Our Mission

To create 1,000 sustainable new startups that impact 1 Billion lives by 2040.

Founding a company for Founders.

To make entrepreneurship a professional career option by providing the spaces, places, teams and culture to empower founders to design, build, validate, refine and launch sustainable startups in and outside of major metro areas.

what we do at ILT Startup Studio
what we do at ILT Innovation Lab

Impacting People’s Lives.

To create the spaces and places for people, ideas, industry and communities to work together to create stronger solutions to real problems and identify new opportunities for exponential growth.

Developing the Next Generation of Changemakers.

To empower innovators and entrepreneurs with specialized education and training to systemactically develop, cultivate and launch the next generation of leading startup companies and founders in Minnesota and beyond.

what we do at ILT Innovation Communities

Developing More Thriving Ecosystems.

We need to be thinking exponentially about the role of existing entrepreneurs, connectors, the city, private sector, government, VC funds, universities, startups and the community in building up the next generation of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and startups.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help connect your existing entrepreneurial ecosystem while increasing the innovation capacity and entrepreneurial capabilities within your local and regional community.

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