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Who We Are

ILT is an innovation team built to help executives, corporate innovators, and organizations, think and act differently to solve business problems faster.


Our Mission

To help organizations solve their biggest challenges and realize their greatest opportunities.

Our Objective

Impact people's lives so profoundly that they can’t imagine living any other way.

Our Work

We have touched the lives of customers in health care, fitness, banking, retail, government, education and law enforcement.

What We Do

We help companies solve complex problems

I want to stay ahead of the market

I want to create a product customers desire

I want to evolve my product or service

I want to launch a business or idea

I want to leverage technology to enhance my business

I want to identify new opportunities to expand my business.


Here is a small sampling of some of the clients our team members have worked with in the past.


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We offer a unique combination of strategy, design, and entrepreneurial talent to deliver a diverse range of breakthrough thinking and innovative problem solving.

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